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Registered Educators may log in to book training, access downloads, and monthly bulletins.


Our FDC Educators are dedicated professionals who are operating their own childcare service, with the
support of a large specialist team. Educators have a great responsibility, and so our selection and
training procedure must also be very professional. This is what all parents would expect. If you think
you are the right person, please follow the links on this page for more detailed information regarding
how to apply. Contact us by phone if you would like to speak with one of our Educator recruitment staff .



Family Day Care (FDC) is a professional childcare service operating from the residence of registered Educators. FDC services comply with the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 which also governs all other types of formal childcare. All child care Educators are to be required to have attained, or be studying for a Certificate III in Child Care. Northern Rivers FDC will provide on-the-job support for any Registered Educator who requires this qualification. NRFDC provides ongoing professional training throughout each year.

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Northern Rivers FDC can provide assistance to access training for any Registered Educator who require this qualification.


Registered Educators are professional people who enjoy the company of children. They possess the energy and skills to provide a caring environment that assists children to learn and develop. Educators can care for a maximum of 7 children aged 0-13 years (including their own when at home), with no more than 4 under school age. Educators are self-employed business operators. They do not receive paid leave. Educators pay their own income tax, and can claim a range of business tax deductions. Educators enjoy operating their own business, and being at home whilst earning a substantial income. We balance Educator numbers with demand for childcare so that most Educators have few vacancies.Please note that we cannot guarantee referrals, and therefore income, but will work to assist you in the best way we can via advertising, promotions etc.




Northern Rivers FDC does not charge new or existing Educators any registration fees. However, we do provide Educators with many services and materials free of charge, including;

  • All relevant and necessary information to conduct your child care service.
  • Regular visits from your assigned FDC Coordinator who is qualified to assist you with all aspects of the care and education of young children.
  • Newsletters, forms, checklists, policies, procedures and resource ideas to assist you in your business.
  • Access to reduced price bulk orders of resources
  • Exciting and informative playgroup sessions including transportation by scheme buses.
  • Assistance with acquiring a nationally recognised Certificate III qualification.
  • Interesting and essential training seminars throughout the year.
  • Access to interest free loans to assist you in the purchase of essential toys & equipment.
  • Processing of weekly attendance records and deposit of Child Care Subsidy payments (usually around 80% of your total income) electronically into your bank account.
  • Regular consultation with you regarding any vacancies you may have, and referral of suitable families needing care. You will have a choice which children you accept (however, decisions made on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, marital or social status are not accepted).
  • Promotion and advertising of FDC in your local community and beyond.
  • Access to an extensive range of toys and resources from our free toy library.
  • Access to Registered Relief Educators to keep your business running during holidays or breaks for medical reasons.

We believe that no other FDC operator can provide this range of free support.

If you are interested in joining our great team of FDC Educators download our Educator application package, complete and send in the application form to the relevant coordination unit. (see 'contact us' page for mailing details)