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Outside School Hours Care

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‘Northern Rivers Outside School Hours Care’ provides After School at Dunoon, South Lismore, Jiggi,
Bangalow (Before School Care also), Lismore Heights (Before School also) and Bexhill (Before School Care also) Public Schools.  Bangalow, Bexhill, Lismore Heights and South Lismore also provide Vacation Care.

Currently there are Limited Vacancies available at Bangalow, Bexhill, Dunoon, South Lismore,
Lismore Heights, and Jiggi for 2019

- See bottom of the page for contact details.

Vacation Care April 2019 School Holidays Program

Bangalow Download
Bexhill    Download
South Lismore
Lismore Heights Download

Booking Procedures

Before School Care and After School Care

(Bangalow, 7.30 am to school start, school end to 6.00 pm, Lismore Heights 7.00am to school start, school end to 6.00 pm, South Lismore and Dunoon school end to 6.00pm and Bexhill 6.30am to school start, school end to 6.00pm, Jiggi school end to 6.00pm Mon, Tues, Wed in 2019)

  • Permanent bookings may be made weekly or fortnightly.
  • Casual bookings can be made on any day if the child has been previously enrolled. These bookings
       need to be made to the Coordinator on the morning of the day required. Children without an enrolment
       form cannot be accepted in the service for legal reasons.   See below for contact details.

Enrolment Form for Bangalow, Bexhill, Dunoon, South Lismore, Lismore Heights, and Jiggi are completed through Hub works.
Families are welcome to visit, and staff will provide information, and show you and your child around the service to provide an orientation to support a smooth transition

Vacation Care (8.00 am to 6.00 pm)

  • Programs will be made available in the weeks preceding each holiday period (see above).
  • Advance bookings are essential. If there are more bookings than available places then priority will be
       given as per government guidelines (see below).
  • Once a permanent booking is made, fees will be charged for those days, including for any absences.
       One week notice of change of bookings is required.  See below for contact details.

OSHC Information Booklet Download

Food & Nutrition

At After School Care, the children are provided with a nutritious snack at Jiggi.  Depending on staffing levels and
food prep facilities, snacks may have to be pre-packaged.   At South Lismore, Bangalow, Lismore Heights, Bexhill and Dunoon, children are expected to bring their own nutritious snacks.  Snack times are seen as a social event where children and staff can relax, talk about their day and experience a variety of foods.  Staff will demonstrate and encourage healthy and hygienic eating habits at all times. All food will be prepared and stored in a hygienic manner.  At Vacation Care children are expected to bring their own nutritious snacks and lunch.  Food may also be prepared and served as part of an activity.  Drinking water is provided at all times. Food sensitivities, allergies, religious & cultural considerations, and health needs of the child must be discussed between the staff and the parent.  A written plan may be needed.  Religious and cultural festivals offer the opportunity for experiencing diversity through the sharing of food.
Children are encouraged to accept and value differences.

Health and Safety

Northern Rivers OSHC observes health and hygiene practices that reflect best-practice standards, and
are in accordance with relevant government guidelines, in order to minimise risks to children, and
encourage children to learn these practices. OSHC Coordinators cannot care for a child unless he/she is
in good health and free from any medical condition or dependency on medication that may affect the
child’s capacity to participate in the program without a risk to other children or adults. Children enrolled
in OSHC are not required to be immunised.

Illness, accident and emergency treatment

NRCS cannot enrol a child unless a parent has given written authorisation for the scheme to seek
urgent medical, dental or hospital treatment or ambulance service, in the event that such action is
deemed to be necessary by the Coordinator. If safe, the Coordinator will first attempt to call a parent
before arranging emergency medical care. Otherwise, a parent will be contacted immediately after
emergency medical care has been arranged. Any associated medical or transportation costs will be paid
by the child’s parent.

Medications in OSHC

A Medication Permission Authority must be signed by the parent (daily) prior to a Coordinator
administering any medication required by a child is in care. This applies to prescription and
non-prescription medications (including herbal remedies).

Exclusion of children from OSHC due to illness
Exclusion of sick children from childcare is an important way of limiting the spread of infection in
childcare. Families are encouraged to consider in advance what arrangements need to be made in the
event that their children become sick and cannot attend care.

Appropriate exclusion of sick children, in conjunction with effective hygiene procedures, will reduce cross
infection. It is in everyone’s interest to abide by recommended exclusion periods. Children with
infectious diseases will be excluded from OSHC in accordance with the National Health & Medical
Research Council’s Guidelines.

For further information please contact the relevant Coordinator from our contact details below.

Contact Details

Paula Zanuso
OSHC Supervisor
02 66216437

Bangalow Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Vanessa Puhlmann

0427 540 023

Bexhill Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Brooke Sattler
0447 278 238
Dunoon Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Louise Duyker
0407 332 348
Lismore South Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Jessica Newman-Brown
0414 230 536

Lismore Heights Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Jalyn Paulett
66243344 (School)

Jiggi Public School
OSHC Coordinator
Ellissa Keating-Lowe
66888221 (School) or 66888235

Accounts: Katrina Daly
Office hours 8.30 am - 4.30 pm
Monday - Friday  02 66269025

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