Northern Rivers Children’s Services Ltd – Service Philosophy

Northern Rivers Children’s Services Ltd (NRCS) is proud to be a community based, not-for-profit organisation that advocates for children.

NRCS will endeavour to provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and nurturing environment for all children, acknowledging their diverse backgrounds and needs.

The dignity of all families is respected, recognising their uniqueness through an anti-biased and inclusive approach to service provision. We aspire to provide a programme that promotes creativity, play based learning, and  enjoyment, with a balance of indoor and outdoor activities.

Within the curriculum decision making process, a holistic approach will be embarked upon, focusing upon all children’s developmental stages, individuality, interests and needs. Planning of experiences is initiated collaboratively between children, families, educators and staff, emphasising children’s sense of identity, wellbeing, autonomy, confidence, strengths and emerging competence.

We embrace children with additional needs, integrating each child within our service’s environmental and staffing capacity. Where practicable, we strive to employ staff to support all children with additional needs in an inclusive environment, acknowledging and supporting each child.

NRCS endeavours to develop close relationships with other services and agencies within the local and surrounding community to promote best outcomes for children and their families. Striving to develop, build and maintain collaborative, respectful and supportive professional relationships with all stakeholders to generate a culture of continual reflection and renewal of high-quality practices in early childhood.

NRCS promotes and encourages ongoing personal and professional development based on contemporary perspectives, research and theory for all educators and staff to improve learning outcomes for all children.