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Because FDC Educators have no more than four children under school age, or up to seven under 12 years (including their
own), they are able to offer individual attention to each child in their care. It is our general policy that our FDC Educators will
have a maximum of 3 children less than 2 years of age.
Therefore, older brothers and sisters may be in care before and after school, maintaining the family atmosphere. Child Care
Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) are available for all types of childcare in accordance with Family Assistance Office
(FAO) requirements.

Full time care -

Child Care Benefit is available for up to 50 hours p/w per child for work or study purposes (37 hrs of CCB in Standard hours).
If more than 50 hours of subsidised care is needed for your child, documentation from the parent/guardian must be provided
to the FAO (Centrelink) to prove it is needed for work or study purposes.

Part-time Care -

Part-time workers (less than 15hrs p/w) and parents not in paid work are eligible for up to 24 hours per week of subsidised childcare.

Casual Care -

When the days and hours are not known on any given week.

Rostered Care –

Is applicable when a families work commitments are on a rotating roster basis. Please discuss your roster with the office to
confirm eligibility for Absences covered by Child Care Benefit.

Before and After School Care and School Holiday Care -

Available for school children under 12 years as part of Family Day Care, In Home Care (see below) or in selected schools
where we operate   OSHC services - click here

Emergency Care -

Is required as a ‘once only’ for a family in a crisis situation. Approval for this type of care is granted by an Authorised Supervi
sor on a case by case basis. Special reduced fees may be available for families experiencing short-term financial difficulties.
Back-up care - Can be provided by another Registered FDC Educator if required while your regular Educator is either on leave
or is sick. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the office and request what care is required during this time.
Relief Care - A registered FDC Educator may provide childcare from the home of the primary FDC Educator, subject to the
consent of parents and the primary Educator. The standard of care and supervision is the same.

In Home Care -

In Home Care is an education funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. It is designed to help families who have no access to existing childcare services or families whose circumstances mean that existing childcare cannot meet their needs. 

In Home Care (IHC) was introduced in June 2001 as a flexible form of child care designed to accommodate the needs of families for whome other forms of Australian Government approved child care is not suitable.  Unlike other child care types, IHC is only available to a child who meets certain eligibility criteria as prescribed by law.   Please click here for more information
about in home care.